Thum + Mahr integrates Wolftech News as SWR's multimedia planning system

The projects marks the beginning of a prosperous

relationship between Wolftech Broadcast Solutions and Thum + Mahr

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We proudly announce that SWR has chosen Wolftech News as their future planning tool. Arne Berven (CEO at Wolftech) is excited about the integration of Wolftech’s tool with SWR’s complex existing systems. “SWR went out to the market with specifications seeking the best planning system for its multimedia content on all platforms. Looking for a tool with the greatest fit, Wolftech was ultimately chosen as the right solution. In order to deliver an all-in-one tool alongside our partner Thum+Mahr, we will develop custom-fit pieces to deliver the optimal solution for their users. We are tremendously eager to work on this project with SWR to secure a fantastic outcome for everyone involved.”

Wolftech and Thum+Mahr establish a prosperous partnership


About Thum + Mahr

Building on decades of project experience, Thum + Mahr has become one of the most established service providers within the broadcast and media industry. By developing innovative and independent media concepts, Thum + Mahr assists customers. We are distinguished with a wide spectrum of services covering project management, IT system integration and support. Workflow-based approaches help to master emerging challenges and secure long-term success of diverse media clients. The company is based in Germany and operates around the world with about 50 highly qualified and unconventionally thinking employed experts. Further offices are located in Munich, Paris and London. Selected references are BBC, ARD, ZDF, ORF, Radio France, RTL France, RTL City Luxembourg and Mediacorp Singapore.

About Wolftech Broadcast Solutions

Emerging out of the media industry as a TV2 Norway initiative, Wolftech has become the company producing the world’s best collaborative planning tools on the market for all types of media companies. Understanding the needs of the market has enabled the company to evolve and develop solutions sought after by the largest and most reputable media organizations in the world. With headquarters proudly based in Bergen, Norway, Wolftech is optimizing planning and creating efficiencies for the likes of BBC, Vice Media, RTL Germany, DPG Media, RTL Luxembourg and VRT Belgium.