We deliver in time,
in budget, in specs!

Well defined projects need concrete measures and the willingness to act on a consistent level. Mutual trust and cooperation allow us to support the success of our global clients inside the media industry. Your advantage is an unclouded point of view when we use our certified methods. To reach the goals that are set on stage, things have to work behind the curtain. Therefore, managing the competing demands for scope, time and cost is fundamental. Collaborating with us means to stay on target.

Combining theory and practice.

Without losing the overview of sub-processes and deadlines, we support you with PMI* standardized methods. Often unexpected changes are the reason for delays. This is not the case when you work with us. To realize your business potential, we apply agile management techniques. Due to numerous projects within the broadcast industry, we know the specific requirements of the media sector. We combine our management skills with expert knowledge and a proven track record.      

Together we identify the right
path for reaching your goals.

Balancing the elements quality, resources and risk is crucial for project management. Our team at Thum+Mahr is able to do this. We take care of all activities related to a project manager. That includes budget and time scheduling, risk and change management as well as monitoring and compliance. A clear vision on the project life cycle makes the difference.