BBC Wimbledon viewers do not miss a single point thanks to DHD and Thum + Mahr

With BBC, DHD and Thum + Mahr joining their

forces, all Wimbledon matches are in the spotlight // DHD 52XR MADI Router is

the perfect choice for BBC outside broadcasting // Touchscreens help to achieve

great usability.

DHD and Thum + Mahr guarantee for rock solid BBC live transmission from Wimbledon

While the Wimbledon Championships 2019 are still running, one thing is already clear. The DHD 52XR MADI Router is once again the match winner and reliable workhorse of BBC live outside broadcasting at Wimbledon. As DHD distributor for Great Britain, Thum + Mahr has equipped the BBC with the DHD system in use and is responsible for technical support. Stefan Mertens (Chief Strategy Officer of Thum + Mahr) about the partnership with the BBC at Wimbledon: ”Tennis fans are getting top level quality of broadcasting and are able to enjoy and share their passion for their sport. It is a pleasure to be involved in such an iconic event with one of our services“.

The heart of BBC OB Wimbledon transmission: DHD 52XR MADI Router

For years, the BBC OB has been relying on the DHD 52XR MADI Router delivered and supported by Thum + Mahr, which interconnects all Wimbledon venues via fibre optical cables. Connecting every court, the interview areas, and all FX and TX feeds, all Wimbledon areas are linked by the DHD router in an easy to install and technically perfect way. This year, the BBC is sending up to 32 feeds to their Salford studios for remote production. That means that compared to previous years, less staff has to be present at the tournament itself. ”We provide the DHD 52XR MADI Router solution for BBC OB Wimbledon because it is very flexible to set up, intuitive to use and very efficient. Saving costs is always a major target for broadcasters like the BBC, so we are glad that we could reach that rise in efficiency with the help of our DHD solution for BBC OB“, explains Stefan Mertens.

Full touchscreens control for intuitive operation

At Wimbledon DHD touchscreens are used for routing and monitoring of all feeds on each court and within the international broadcast center on-site. With the help of the touch control the presenters can easily select the right broadcast network line package for each venue. For example by a simple touch on a virtual button on the DHD touch panel, the related FX/TX and TB lines can be selected by the presenter. With the help of graphical displays on the DHD TFT touch device, complex sound operations, like gain, EQ, dynamics can also directly be adjusted. To work with DHD touchscreens is how Roger Federer plays tennis: smooth, elegant and very successful. It allows the user to be a great champion in broadcasting like Federer is a great champion in his sport.

About Thum + Mahr

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